JLAB Gas Chromatography With Electronic Pressure & Flow Control

Product Code: JL--6449

  • JLAB Gas Chromatograph is the advanced version of Model 5765 Gas Chromatograph incorporating Electronic Pressure and Flow Controls for fine adjustment and accurate gas controls.
  • User can set Pressure or Flow Controls on panel and observe the actual value on Digital Display.
  • The gas settings are easy to set and repeatable.
  • Gas settings are custom configurable as per application and a mix of Pressure and Flow Controls can be provided for both channels of the gas chromatographs.
  • Standard Pressure range is 0-60 psi.
  • Calibration in Kpa or Kg/cm2 can also be provided on request.
  • Standard Flow Range is 0 to 100 ml/min Nitrogen.
  • User can specify his Flow Range and gas. Please contact factory for custom configuration. 
  • For rapid analysis and higher resolution an option of Pressure Programming is offered where user can build a specific Pressure Profile with Lapsed time, by selecting hold times and Pressure Ramp rates in discrete psi/min setting.
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