Advance Gas Chromatography

Product Code: JL--6448

  • Advance Gas Chromatograph is advance version with Microprocessor Temperature Controller with Multi Ramp Temperature Programming, Auto Cooling making it possible to operate 10 degree C above ambient for special applications like NEPTHA. 
  • Temperature Controller / Programmer with keyboard entry of Process Parameter and Time Functions with user friendly software in ROM.
  • Method Development facility and Electricity Failure backup.
  • Auto Start for Temperature Programming and Data Station with one switch for reproducible Retention Time in multiple runs. 
  • Provision for upgradation for future expansion.
  • Optional E.P.C. for the flow/ pressure of carrier gas. 
    Provision for fixing three Injectors and three Detectors.
  • Capable of operating two detectors simultaneously with Dual Channel Data Station.
  • Modular in construction with option of adding Methaniser, Head Space Attachment and Manual / Auto Gas Sampling Valve.
  • It has Non Volatile Memory for 10 Methods  profiles. 
  • All Glass System with Glass Column, Glass lines Injector and Quartz Jet FID.
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