Gas Chromatography

Product Code: JL--6447

  • JLab 5700 Gas Chromatograph is simple, rugged, most reliable instrument being used in Industry and Research for routine Q.C. and Research application.
  • Standard outfit is with Dual Injector with option of adding one additional Injector.
  • It can house three Detectors simultaneously. With Dual Channel Data Station, two Detectors can be operated simultaneously.
  • Single Ramp Temperature Programming with Initial Hold Time upto 99 min. and programming rate from 0.1 Deg.C. to 30 Deg.C.
  • With Glass Lined Injector, Quartz Jet FID and Glass Column, it becomes all Glass System which makes it specially suitable for Labile compounds like Alkaloids, Steriloid, VFA, etc.
  • Capillary Inlet for split / splitless Injection, Mass Flow controller for Carrier Gas, Gas Sampling Valve, Head Space Attachments are options available.
  • Options of Detectors FID, TCD, ECD, TID and PID is available. It is a modular system with option of adding additional Injector, Detector, Capillary Attachment, Head Space Attachment etc. as and when required.
  • Instrument can be configured either for Single Packed Column or Dual Packed Column or Single Capillary Column or Dual Capillary Column.
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