Networking of Industrial Controllers

Product Code: JL--6405

  • Technical Description:-
  • One of the aims of process automation is to monitor and control plant or plant components centrally from a computer.
  • This task performed by a process control system.
  • This trainer demonstrates the operation of a process control system based on a simple application.
  • The trainer consists of two process controllers interconnected via a field bus interface (Profibus DP) and an interface card with a PC.
  • On the PC, an OPC (OLE for Process Control) server makes the controller data available to other programs under Windows for further processing.
  • The process control software developed by JLab on the basis of Lab view accesses the process data on the controllers and enables it to be visualised.  
  • The software also allows the process controllers parameters to be set.  
  • Various functions such as recorders and alarm logs enable a simple  control room function to be simulated.
  • Two potentiometers permit the simulation of input signals for the controllers.
  • The controlled  variable, manipulating variable and reference variable data are  delivered as standard signals at lab jacks, enabling the controllers to  be integrated into real processes at any time.
  • Clearly structured instructional material outlines the fundamentals and provides a step-by-step guide through the exercises.
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