Digital Viscometer

Product Code: JL--6403

  • Digital Viscometer Ensuring proper fluid viscosity is key in process environments.
  • Achieving this requires an accurate, reliable, and durable in-line viscometer capable of monitoring fluid viscosity with minimal operator involvement.
  • The Cambridge Viscosity VISCOpro 1600 viscometer is an ideal digital viscometer for this application due to its high accuracy and reliability, as well as its inherent ruggedness.
  • The VISCOpro1600 viscometer can be used alone or in a multi-channel configuration controlled by a touch-screen display.
  • This digital viscometer provides continual viscosity monitoring you can rely on.
  • It is a compact instrument for applications where minimal operator involvement is desired.
  • This digital viscometer features an optional LCD display for monitoring of critical fluid conditions.
  • It also can be connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) for seamless integration into a proprietary data management system.
  • The units sensor and electronics are encased in an explosion-proof housing for durability and reliability.
  • Due to Cambridge Viscositys patented technology, only a very small amount of fluid (1 ml) is required to obtain an accurate reading.
  • Due to the small sample size needed and its automatic operation, the VISCOpro 1600 helps to maximize the efficiency of your process line and minimize waste.
  • In addition, it works with most Cambridge Viscosity in-tank or in-line 300 series or 500 series sensors, giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of high-quality, maintenance-free options.
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