Air Table Projection

Product Code: JL--598

To demonstrate Brownian Motion, Gas and Liquid Molecule Motion, Gas Diffusion, Isothermal Process, Scattering of particles etc. Strong Clear Acrylic construction so that it can be placed on an overhead projection for classroom viewing. Representation of molecules is by colored discs with mounted magnets, which cause the discs to repel each other and create the simulation of motion. Requires the use of an Air Source ( Cat # 635-3) not included. Approx. 11.60 inch(290mm) L x 11.60 inch (290mm) W x 2.5 inch (62mm) T. Supplied with 20 red discs, 20 green discs, 2 black discs, 2 transparent discs & 1 ring magnet with cross.

Measurements are approximate.