Mag leads Magnetic Leads Black 300mm

Product Code: JL--524

Magleads or Magnetic Leads Black 300 mm long. Make working electrical circuits instantly with these ingenious leads fitted with a tiny powerful magnet at either end. Place near to a battery case and it connects by itself or place next to a batten bulb holder connector and you have your first working circuit. The magnets, which protrude from the ends of the leads, are 4mm in diameter so will work in all of the places that standard banana plugs work, such as power supplies, test meters and crocodile clips but have the advantage of making instant connections when near to steel connectors. Children no longer have to strip, cut or make mechanical fixes and leads can be daisy chained together to extend their length with ease. Sold as each Black 300 mm, without other leads, batteries, Bulb Holder and Bulb shown in picture.