Binocular Research Microscope

Product Code: JL--2731

Binocular Research Microscope

An ideal microscope for research in biology, turnolgy, cytology, immunology and Haematology.

It is suited for fluorescent Microscopy used in venereal disease examination and immune less diagnosis.

At the same time it is also used for analysis of sedimentary rocks, inspection of impurities in semiconductors, environmental protection and micro chemistry.

Specifications: B(Blue), G(Green), Exciting Light Filter System, O ordinatry light system. Digitally controlled inductance power supply RFI Infinite Fluorescence plan objectives 4X,10X,40X & 100X oil.

Super high pressure spherical mercury vapor lamp 100W. Screen to resist ultra-violet light. Supplied complete in a thermocol box.

Optional four filters B(Blue), G(Green), V(Violet), UV (Ultraviolet).